See samples of student work: Gamemaker year 1 to 8 Newtown High School, Tasmania Australia, Gamemaker Stagecast year 3 to 6 Age 7 to 11 Toontalk, children aged 4-8 Microworlds years 4&5 LCSI Microworlds The Hefner Hideout, Gamemaker games games made by 6/7 students using Gamemaker Programs by pupils: (Made as independent or group work in Numeracy Hour) Flash Classroom, Flash resources and students' gallery students from Inglewood High School and New Plymouth Girls' High have been taught to create games that are fun to play while learning about programming, logic and graphics design. A dual purpose educational site. It helps serve the communication and collaboration needs of an Australian Year 3 class. It is also an exploration and demonstration to help cater for the needs of other primary school classes Year 9 & 10 The Games Factory The Kids research group is part of K2lab at the IT-University in Kista. We are working with groups of elementary and middle school children. (Toontalk) Al Upton's grade 3 TNT and Camp GIG (Girls Inventing Games) are two programs designed for middle school girls to create games using Macromedia Flash MX. Gamemaker games from El Paso Country Day School (K-12) Gamemaker games from The Overseas School of Colombo